Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where can i find a display case for a football that is a clam shell design? not the square acrylic ones.?

you can find it on Ebay.
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  • Can you help me name 5 acrylic objects?

    for my D.T homework.

    i need to find 5 acrylic objects and write a description about them. but, i cant think of anything thats made out of acrylic..

    help? :DCan you help me name 5 acrylic objects?
    Plastic bath tub or Spa bath

    Caravan or RV window

    Rear light fittings on a car

    Boat window

    Illuminated sign

    Acrylic dental filling

    Display racking in shops

    Mobile phone screen cover

    I have been trying to get acrylic nails off by soaking them in acetone, I've been doing?

    it for two days now and still can't get it all off. My nails look hideous. I really don't want to pay someone to do it, so I am wondering if there is any other way to remove them. I will keep soaking if necessary. Any advise it great.

    ThanksI have been trying to get acrylic nails off by soaking them in acetone, I've been doing?
    Keep your nails immersed in the acetone....once you lift them out, the nails re-harden within a few seconds. .... use an orange wood stick while your nails are in the acetone to gently scrape off what has softened.......DO NOT chip them off, they are attached to your nail plate and when you chip them off, you take about 3 layers of your natural nail with it......

    You can get a hard file and file the top of them thinnre before you soak them.I have been trying to get acrylic nails off by soaking them in acetone, I've been doing?
    you can soak them and then chip away at it with a nail clipper...the acetonr softens the acrylic making it easier to remove. as soon as u soak it, while tes soft .. start taking pieces off with the clipper. woork fast.. once it drys repeat process.. it should take an hour.. try to sit down in front of a good movie...
    you have to soak and rub it off soak and rub it off ; a million and one times if your doing it yourself , or you could take something and get under the acrylic and try to pop them off. best advise would be to pay to get them off because they have dremmels they use to wear away at the acrylic; no pain, and it's fast :]

    Is an aquaone 850 glass or acrylic?

    This is easy to tell. Look at the corners. If they are rounded and melted together they are plastic (acrylic). If they have a true corner that is siliconed together they are glass.Is an aquaone 850 glass or acrylic?

    How should i re-apply my acrylic nail?

    its only been a few days since i got them

    and two have fallen off, the place i got them done wasnt very good i guess:/

    so the whole acrylic nail fell off and im wondering wht i should use to put it back on, krazy glue? haha.. i dont knowHow should i re-apply my acrylic nail?
    First thing, soak those 2 fingertips in plain vinegar for about 5 minutes, then do not rinse, just let them get good and dry. Make sure they are DRY, and then you you can use a tiny drop of krazy glue and glue them back in place. It's better to go get some nail glue, but krazy glue will work. They are both cyanoacrylic glues.

    Be sure not to skip the vinegar (it keeps you from getting green fungus under there)

    And be extra sure to let the nail be absolutely dry when you glue.How should i re-apply my acrylic nail?
    Stop wearing that garbage. But in the meantime go back and have them fix it if it's been two days. They will know that you just got them done based on how the other nails look. In the event you know the name of your stylist call her and warn her you're coming in for the wack nails to be fixed.

    Oh yeah, never go back to them
    just go back and say that you havent done anything physical and that the nails werent put on well....nail places usually give you your cash back or fix them
    You can go to a store like Happy Harry's or Walgreens and get gllue just for them . It would be found by the nail polish

    What would be a finish for acrylic?

    clear acrylic?

    Acrylic nails and infections? my nail {or under my nail} looks light green l?

    My acrylic nail came off 5 days ago and my nail was discolored. It has not gotten worse and has no pain. I have heard some times this may happen and will grow out. Has anyone had this happen before? Should i be worried?Acrylic nails and infections? my nail {or under my nail} looks light green l?
    when your nails are done with acrylic bacteria can get underneath from not cleaning the nails properly or for the salon not sterilizing their tools properly..even if it has not gotten worse or has any pain it is still a kind of infection from the use of unsterile tools or unproper handwashing. go to your doctor so they can give you some antibiotics for the infection. My cousin used to have this happen all the time and it was from the salon not sterilizing or cleaning their equipment..this happens often .but she ended up losing her real fingernails ..get medical attention asap it may seem like nothing but it could turn out worse than what it seems
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